Photobucket About Mom: My early memories: April 2006

Monday, April 17, 2006

Thinking of Mom

Thinking of you, Mom, as I often do! In fact, there has been not a single day since you left us that you have not been in my thoughts!

I miss you !

These little wildflowers remind me of you. We shared the love of them, as we did so much of God's beautiful creation!

Spring roses for you , Mom!


June Bug

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy time with Mom!

This was in 1972-at Christmas.

Mom was living in Ocala at this time and we were in Miami. She would be with us every Christmas (well,almost always)
She would come down on the train. The kids were young and it was always a big deal to meet Ma-Ma at the train station, downtown Miami!

This picture reflects the happiness of having Mom with us for a few days! This was Christmas Eve!


"1972" -Mom was a couple years younger than I am now! (63) And I was a young mom of 3-age 31 years!

Time just keeps rolling!

It's both sad and happy times - looking at old pictures...

Mom was always so pretty!

I will always miss her!