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Monday, June 06, 2011

Mom and "Fashion Frocks"~


Recently I posted this picture of my sister and me on FB as my profile picture!  :) 

I like to change my pictures there often and it's usually without a predetermined idea or plan... I just go looking in my family pictures! I'm often drawn to the Way Back times of our lives. It was that way with this picture change.

Seeing the picture again brought back memories of those little dresses we were wearing! We didn't have a lot in those times so I suppose that's why I remember this so vividly! They were both of a cotton  material. 
(Cotton Pi cay???...
I know that's not the correct spelling...:(    )
My dress was a combination of white and aqua and my sister's was, mostly, baby blue. Mom always managed somehow to get pretty things for us - bless her!

OK-Remembering our dresses of this time brought back memories of our mom  selling dresses for a company called "Fashion Frocks." It was one of those deals where you could sell merchandise to family and neighbors and friends from your home! You would be supplied with  catalogs and sample swatches of the clothing materials to show your customers. It seems like Mom was into this for quite some time and I remember her being involved in this from the mid 40's....when I was very young.  I liked looking through those books and being able to feel the material of the dresses pictured. Mom would sometimes use some of the money she made with the sales to buy herself a new dress.
I'm not sure if this company carried childrens clothing, though; so I'm not sure where Mom bought these dresses for my sister and me!

I looked up Fashion Frocks online and found a lot of info is out there about this company that came wandering back into my memories today!  Check out the link!

  Notice the size of the women's waists-and the lengths of their legs in these illustrations!  LOL

To this day I have never been able to  reach the status that would qualify me as some folks idea of what a woman is supposed to look like!  Have you?  ;) - OK-In my youth I DID have a small waist....but everything else was small too I guess that didn't count for much!  :)  At my tallest I was barely over 5 ft tall!  :)

Mom, too, was a little lady...but always beautiful!  

This is my mom and dad in 1950.

This is my mom and me in 1972. 


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At 1:28 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Hey Junie - I'm going to check out that link. But, wanted to say your mom looked very stylish in 1950 with her hat. I loved to wear hats; around the 60's to church. My mom always made my daughter dresses, and me also when I was young. It was fun, though, to look through the Sears catalog to see what "store bought" would be like. LOL

At 1:32 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Oh, I love that Junie. The clothes back then were awesome, and did you see those girdles? LOL

Did you ever wear one? I did when I started working after high school. Lordy mercy; you couldn't get one on me now for love or money, I don't even like wearing a bra unless I have to! :)

At 1:56 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Sally,

Mom made most of our cloths too- especially when we were young....I guess that's why I remember these dresses we're wearing- because we didn't get many store bought dresses! :)

Yep- my mom looks stylish in this picture-I think it must have been on Easter.

LOL- Yes-I DO remember girdles and did wear them some in those days= ha- I remember something called a 'Waist cencher' Do you? It was just worn around the waist, (OF COURSE!!) Maybe I measured my waist the day I wore that thing and the tape measure showed----22 inches!! LOL I don't have a tape measure in my house these days!! haha

At 9:22 AM , Blogger Sally said...

LOL - neither do I have a tape measure, and don't want one!!

Waist cincher; I think I do remember. And, Scarlett O'Hara thought she had it rough. LOL

At 2:53 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


Yes-we were still having it rough in the 50s-and 60s!!


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