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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thinking of Mom~2008

Thinking of mom ~ 2008

Mom has been gone, now, more than 5 years...and I still think of her every day! And she's on my mind more than ever as this Mother's Day draws near!

This was one Mother's Day we had together ... Mom was almost always with us on special days!

I miss you, Mom!

I wrote this in memory of our sweet Ma-Ma!

It's been posted a few times here but this is for Mom so I'm putting it here again! The roses I saved were the last ones we could give her!


Mom’s Last Roses

These are Mom’s last roses.

I kept a little part

of all the roses given,

from every grieving heart.

I handled them so gently

and dried them - as you see.

I found the perfect basket-

arranged them carefully.

I found the sweetest ribbon,

and made this fancy bow-

attaching it, expertly!

It had to be - just so!

It had to turn out special,

and easily convey…

how much I do still love her

and miss her every day!

These are Mom’s last roses.

They’ll always be a part

of all my memories of her

and the sorrow in my heart.

June Kellum

Sept. 2005

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