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Friday, November 10, 2006

Aunt Ruth-a sad goodbye.

My dear Aunt Ruth passed away this week at age 96.

I have fond memories of visiting Aunt Ruth's house during my childhood years. It was always a pleasure to see her and my uncle and cousins. She had SIX boys- no girls!
I remember sitting on the back porch with the boys and eating buttermilk and hot corn bread, with a spoon! Once there was a big family reunion at Aunt Ruth's place, with
almost the whole Burttram (my mom's maiden name) clan. All the Aunts, Uncles and cousins were there! My grandpa (Big Papa)was still with us. A fun time to remember-oh-so long ago.(I was a young teen)

Aunt Ruth was younger than my mom by about 2 years, I believe. (We lost mom almost 4years ago, at age 94.) Aunt Ruth was the last of Mom's 7 sisters and 4 brothers.

Mom was close to her family. They all kept in touch with long, newsy letters of family stuff. Some might call them rambling and boring but I always liked reading those letters from all the aunts. Through the years the sisters would exchange pictures of their kids and later, their grandkids. They were all equally proud of their own families - as our mom was of hers. Because of these close ties between the sisters -our mom and aunts- I felt closer to the cousins; though we actually didn't see them often through the years.

I had not seen Aunt Ruth or my cousins in many years until 2004. We went to visit her in Alabama, and all her boys were able to be there. It was just great seeing them all again. Aunt Ruth enjoyed it so much! We all did.

It was easy to see the love her 6 sons had for her and how well she was looked after!

Aunt Ruth was a little lady- well under 5ft.
( I'm just 5ft.tall and you can see I tower over Aunt Ruth in this photo! :) )

She always had the sweetest smile!
Aunt Ruth and her boys-Hoyt, Glenn, Randall,Edward, Don and Lamar (2004)

Aunt Ruth and June (ME) (2004

Undated picture of... Back row- Uncle Rudolph & Aunt Bernice, Center row -Essie(my mom) and Aunt Ruth, Front-Aunt Willie