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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thinking of Daddy

My dad passed away far too early in his life. He was just age 59 when he died in Nov, 1963.

Only my son Chris, of my children, has memories of him. He was age four. Tammy, my baby girl, was just age one. Tina would be born two months after Dad's passing!

It seems so sad and unfair that he never knew several of his grandchildren!

I will never forget the day we said our last goodbyes to Daddy at his final resting place at Pleasant Hill! The combination of the extremely hot day, my being several months pregnant, the long trip we had made from Florida to Alabama, and the natural emotional experience of having lost Dad, all worked together against me! At one point I came near to fainting; with only a sip of water from an aunt- saving me!

This was my first experience in losing someone really close to me...I remember the feeling of just wanting Daddy to get up from his sleep...

I always take flowers when we visit Alabama. I remember yellow was his favorite color! I added some yellow roses this time, to flowers that some of the relatives had recently put there.

Love you, Daddy